Friday, October 15, 2010

Vembanad Wetlands


Vembanad wetlands is one of the largest bodies of water in India. It is a complex aquatic system of 96 km. of coastal backwaters, lagoons, marshes, mangroves and reclaimed lands, interconnected with intricate networks of natural channels and man-made canals. 

The lake and wetlands are home to thousands of species and are under threat from all sides. Land reclamation, sewage, farming, silting, industry, mining and every human activity imaginable encroach.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ottawa Kanata Beaver Pond Forest Saved Temporarily

A community effort to save the Kanata Beaver Pond has won a measure of success.

Last night Ottawa City Council voted in favour of a motion by Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson to examine ways of acquiring the land or swapping for it, and also instructed city staff to report on how removing this land from development would affect the water and sewer infrastructure in  the area going forward.

The infrastructure report is expected to be ready in time for the Nov. 24 meeting, at which time there will also be a new council, with elections coming up soon.

There are 4,500+ members on a Facebook group set up to save the wetlands.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kanata Beaver Pond and Kizell Wetlands face imminent threat

Painting recognizes Ottawa's Kanata Beaver Pond and the Kizell Wetlands

Kanata Beaver Pond


These wetlands are under imminent, if not immediate threat. Efforts are currently underway to muster resources and complete surveys of plant and wildlife species. Already, tree-felling has been stopped at least once by a last minute intervention this summer. A vast collection of biological information has already been compiled.
I am aware of a couple of places you can go to for more information on the current situation and what can still be done to save these wetlands.

One good starting point is a blog called "Save Ottawa's South March Highlands". , who recently announced the following: ** Thanks to our efforts, on October 6, Ottawa City Council will vote on a motion to save a key section of the forest from development.

Given that today is Oct. 6, I'm afraid the vote may have already taken place but hope there are further actions that can be taken 
Another source of support for these urban wetlands is the Carleton Mississippi Mills Green Party.

This painting by Tatiana Iliina is named after the Kanata Beaver Pond in hope that it will help to raise awareness for this important issue.  It is possible to purchase this painting on Tatiana Iliina's online store.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wetlands Public Art: Elevated Wetland a '90s project that resonates today

Here's a wetland that isn't disappearing anytime soon.

Toronto's Elevated Wetland, created by artist Noel Harding, is "a wetland environment within six giant polystyrene “animal-like” plastic containers located next to the Don River in Taylor Creek Park. The sculpture uses waste plastic as a soil substitute to mechanically filter water from the polluted Don River."

The project was commissioned in 1995 by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, approved by the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in 1997 and inaugurated in 1998.

The City of Toronto Archives has extensive and interesting records about this project.